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3R-INFO-BULLETIN 1 - June 1994

Ronald Greber has been active on the staff of FOUNDATION RESEARCH 3R from March 1993 - Juli 1998. His part-time employment for the Foundation consists of project management, documentation of 3R project activities and dissemination of results in alternative methods to animal experimentation.

Ronald GreberRonald Greber has a university degree in behavioural science (lic. phil. nat.) and specialized in human neuropsychology.

FOUNDATION RESEARCH 3R promotes research on alternative methods for animal experimentation according to the principles of 3R: Reduction, Refinement and Replacement.
This bulletin describes the situation of the 3R Research Foundation in 1994. For updated information please contact the chapter News, Information, Guidelines and Projects on this Website. Thank you.

Research activities

FOUNDATION RESEARCH 3R is funded in equal parts by contributions from INTERPHARMA Switzerland and the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office.

Both partners promote the principles of 3R by supporting research in academic, industrial and public research facilities in Switzerland.

The Foundation supports projects addressing replacement and improvements in animal experimentation. Special emphasis is placed on alleviation of pain and discomfort to experimental animals.

42 research projects have been initiated since the Foundation was established in 1987.

Number of 3R-Projects/Year of completion

Foundation Charter

FOUNDATION RESEARCH 3R is named in German "STIFTUNG FORSCHUNG 3R - Vermindern, Verbessern und Vermeiden von Tierversuchen" and in French "Fondation Recherches 3R - Réduction, Réforme et Remplacement des expériences sur animaux". The Foundation is registered in Münsingen, Canton of Berne, Switzerland.

The executive bodies of the Foundation are the Foundation Board (nine members) and the controlling and supervising bodies.

The Foundation is managed by the Foundation Board. Five scientific experts review submitted projects.

Four groups are represented in the Foundation Board: Industry (2 delegates), Animal Welfare (2 delegates), the Federal Veterinary Office of the Swiss Government (2 delegates), and the Swiss Parliamentarian Group for animal experimentation (3 deputies).

Foundation Board :

Ms Susi Eppenberger, chairwoman, Nesslau
Hugo Wick, Dr., vice-chairman, Basel
Peter Bossard, Dr., Horw
Heinz Durrer, Prof., Basel
Paul Herrling, Dr., Basel
Ulrich Kihm, Prof., Berne
Hans Meier, Glattfelden
Andreas Steiger, Dr., Berne
Hans-Rudolf Widmer, Dr., Basel


Ernst Diener, lawyer, Berne

Board of experts:

Heinz Durrer, Prof., Basel
Paul Herrling, Dr., Basel
Beda M. Stadler, Prof., Berne
Andreas Steiger, Dr., Berne
Ms Regula Vogel, Dr., Berne

Controlling and supervising bodies:

KPMG Fides Peat, audit, Berne
Federal Department of Home Affairs


Stiftungsurkunde vom 13. Februar 1987
Reglement vom 15. Mai 1987
Richtlinien für die Gewährung von Forschungsbeiträgen vom 15. Mai 1987

Funding priorities

3R principles are promoted by selecting projects according to research priorities. During the funding period 1991 to 1994 the following research areas were encouraged:
3R and pharmacodynamics in the nervous system.
3R and pharmacodynamics of inflammation and analgesia.
3R and diagnostics of infectious diseases.
3R and immunology - production of mono- and polyclonal antibodies.

3R-Projects initiated since 1987

3R-Research AreasNumber of 3R-Projects
Nervous System2
Inflammations / Analgesia3
Diagnostic of Infections9
Monoclonal Antibodies9
Anesthesia and Euthanasia3
Other (Educations, Bioassays, etc.)5

Actual and prospective financing

From 1993 to 1997 the following financing is scheduled, consisting of contributions to the Foundation, the amounts free in favour of new projects and allocations for running projects:

allocated/free money

Next Deadlines for submitting proposals

In view of the numerous successful applications started from 1991 to 1993, the Foundation will now concentrate on monitoring, evaluation and publishing of the ongoing projects.

The next dates to submit research proposals for 3R-Funding are:
1st of March 1995 and
1st of October 1995.