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3R Info Bulletins

To date the following 3R Info Bulletins have been published in English:
56February 2016Non-invasive electrical monitoring of the population spiking activity in the central nervous system
55October 2015Establishment of a novel system for the production of large numbers of mouse basophils in vitro
54March 2015New tools for the generation of peptide- and antibody-based ligands in vitro: Reduction of antibody production in experimental animals
53Nov. 2014Genetic manipulation of the human airway epithelium – a paradigmatic system to study host responses to human respiratory viruses
52June 2014A new in-vitro approach to the study of brain tumours: an alternative to in-vivo experiments in animals
51Nov. 2013Generic in-vitro assays for immunological correlates of protection against foot-and-mouth disease to replace animal challenge infections
50Dec. 2012Still relevant twenty-five years on / 25 years of funding the 3Rs - past accomplishments and future prospects
49June 2012Bacterial Meningitis: Investigating Injury and Regenerative Therapy in vitro
48February 2012A novel ex vivo mouse aorta perfusion model
47October 2011Metabolism as part of alternative testing strategies in fish
46June 2011Toxoplasma gondii virulence is predictable in cultured human cells
45February 2011Serum-free defined media, a largely unsolved problem in cell culture
44October 2010From pigs to cells: Virulence of classical swine fever virus is predictable in cell cultures
43June 2010Fish, Acute Toxicity Test: The number of animals can be reduced
42February 2010The blood-brain barrier in a dish: a new multicellular in vitro model
41October 2009A novel in-vitro cell model of the human airway epithelium
40June 2009Refined ex-vivo rodent heart model reduces in vivo experimentation
39 February 2009Detection of Pain in Laboratory Animals via Gene Expression?
38October 2008An in-vitro system for detecting the health effects of inhaled particles and gases
37June 2008Bioconcentration of chemicals in fish can be assessed in vitro
36January 2008Host pathogen interactions can be studied in amoebae instead of animals
35May 2007From blood to brain and vice versa: Transport processes in choroid plexus can be studied in vitro
34January 2007Exploring natural anticoagulation by endothelial cells: A novel in vitro model
33Sept. 2006Predicting drug hypersensitivity by in vitro tests
32May 2006Non-Invasive Methods: Investigation of Airways Diseases by MRI in Rats
31January 2006Improvement of Pain Therapy in Laboratory Mice
30Sept. 2005Environmental enrichment does not disrupt standardization
29May 2005Computer-based quantification of (adverse) effects triggered by drugs and chemicals
28January 2005Bone metabolism and bone-biomaterial interactions can be studied ex vivo
27Sept. 2004The tick blood meal: From a living animal or from a silicone membrane?
26May 2004Immune cells in the liver : The generation and use of a mouse Kupffer cell line
25January 2004Formation of new blood vessels in the heart can be studied in cell cultures.
24Sept. 2003Generation of parasite cysts in cultured cells instead of living animals.
23May 2003Simulation of stroke related damage in cultured human nerve cells.
22January 2003Environmental enrichment does not affect the variability of animal experimentation data in the Light/Dark test.
21Sept. 2002Identification of new human skin irritation markers for tests with human skin reconstructs
20May 2002Animal-free screening of biological materials for their contamination by rodent viruses
19January 2002Phenotype Characterisation and Welfare Assessment of Transgenic Mice
18Sept. 2001Prevention of adverse effects in pigs after vaccination
17May 2001Fever in the test tube - towards a human(e) pyrogen test
16January 2001Housing and husbandry conditions affect stereotypic behaviour in laboratory gerbils
15Sept. 2000Aggregating brain cell cultures: Investigation of stroke related brain damage
14May 2000Transgenic protozoa as an alternative to transgenic animals
13January 2000Identification of neurotoxic chemicals in cell cultures
12Sept. 1999Leishmaniasis: Development of an in vitro assay for drug screening
11March 1999Immunization of laboratory animals
10August 1997Ten years Foundation Research 3R
9October 1996Permanent fish cell cultures as novel tools in environmental toxicology
(Fish-cell cultures in environmental toxicology)
8August 1996Regulation of digestion in cell culture
(Cell culture model for testing digestive processes)
7March 1996The three 'R's of Russel & Burch, 1959
(The meaning of the 3 Rs for Russell and Burch, 1959)
6Sept. 1995Call for 3R-Research Proposals
(Publication of new programme of focal areas)
5August 1995Human recombinant antibodies
4April 1995Predicting human drug metabollsm
(In vitro methods for testing human medication: the use of human liver cells and tissue banks)
3Dec. 1994Gerhard Zbinden an 3R
(Prof. G. Zbinden and 3R in the field of toxicology: obituary)
2Sept. 1994mAbs without mice?
(In vitro production of monoclonal antibodies)
1June 1994Foundation Research 3R
(Presenting the 3R Foundation)