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No Call for Grant Applications

In 2017, the 3R Research Foundation Switzerland is unable to fund new projects.

The 3R Research Foundation Switzerland invites interested scientists to propose a project which falls within the Foundation’s principal areas for financial support. The duration of the project proposed should preferably be between 1 and 3 years and the budget required should be between Fr. 50,000.00 and Fr. 250,000.00.

Applications from researchers working outside Switzerland will be considered only in exceptional cases. They must show that they have links with an institution in Switzerland or with a researcher in Switzerland.

In 2017 the 3R Research Foundation is unable to incur financial liabilities for future grants, because the two sponsors, namely the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office and Interpharma, will discontinue the support of the Foundation with a view to establishing a new 3R Competence Center.

The application procedure comprises 2 stages:

1 February 2017 

Deadline for submitting project outlines.

Please follow the Instructions Concerning Project Outlines and fill in the Form „Application for Research Funding“ for the project outline.

The Evaluation Committee will examine the project outlines submitted from the point of view of relevance to the 3R principles. If their conclusions are positive the applicant will be asked to submit a detailed application for funding.

On invitation of the Foundation.

Deadline for the detailed description of project.

A detailed application for funding may only be submitted if the Evaluation Committee has deemed that the project is relevant to the Foundation’s 3R principles.

Please follow the Instructions Concerning the detailed descripion of project and fill in the form „Application for Research Funding“ for the detailed description of project.

The Evaluation Committee will then examine the applications for funding and recommend to the Administrative Board that the project be either approved for funding, indicating the sum to be provided, or rejected.

Proposed projects will be selected according to the assessment criteria set out by the Foundation as well as the total funding available.

Please read the Guidelines for awarding research grants.

Further information is available from our Scientific Advisor