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Criteria for evaluating applications and projects

Proposed projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

A. Form

B. Content

Implication for 3R

  • Does the project fall within an area of research covered by the Foundation?
  • Are the expected qualitative and quantitative effects on animal protection in laboratory experiments (3R principles) convincing?
  • Would the expected results signify a real step forwards?
  • How do the effects in relation to animal protection compare with other applications?

Research Plan

  • Are the scientific quality and originality of the research plan convincing?
  • Is achieving the aim of the project feasible?
  • Are suitable and sufficient staff, equipment and infrastructure available?
  • Is the time schedule realistic?

The course of the project

  • Are the annual reports on project work and the annual financial statements being submitted?
  • Is the project plan, including milestones, being adhered to?
  • Have any particular problems arisen?
  • Has the research deviated from the original plan?
  • Are delays to be expected?
  • Does the description of the project on the website correspond to the current situation?
  • Do the annual financial statements show that the research grant has been used correctly?

The completion of the project

  • Is the scientific publication convincing?
  • Does the publication include in particular reference to the aspects of the project that are relevant to the Foundation's 3R principles, e.g. "methods relevant to the 3R principles", "replacement method" or "alternative method", so that they can be identified by the relevant search engines?
  • Is there a reference in the publication to financial support from the 3R Research Foundation, including the number of the research project?
  • Is a contribution to the 3R-Info-Bulletin describing the results achieved in preparation?
  • In what way are the results of the project relevant to animal protection (3R principles); do they warrant a publication?
  • Is any further action required for implementing the results in practice (prevalidation, collaboration with international groups)?