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Instructions for Submitting an Application for Research Funding

B. Detailed description of project

If you are planning to submit an application for the funding of a research project, please read the Guidelines for Awarding Research Grants and follow the steps indicated below:

  1. An outline of your project should be submitted by 1 February at the latest.
  2. A detailed description of your project should be submitted only if you have been requested to do so by the Foundation.
  1. Fill in the form “Application for Research Funding” as a *.doc file:

    B. For the detailed description of project

    • 1.1 Name of the principal investigator (PI) and address for correspondence, name of the research institution involved, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.
    • 1.2 Title of the research project plus key-words.
    • 1.3 Brief description of the project in straightforward terms that would be understood by readers without any specialized knowledge, avoiding unnecessary technical terms (maximum 100 words).
    • 1.4 Duration of project in years, planned starting and completion dates.
    • 1.5 Estimated salaries for staff and detailed overall costs = requested sum.
    • 1.6 Significance of the project for animal protection in relation to the 3R’s principles:
      • Reduction in animal experimentation;
      • Refinement, viz., reduction in the suffering of laboratory animals;
      • Replacement of living animals in experimental methods.
    • 1.7 Implementation of results in practice:
      • Indication of possibilities and limitations as to how the knowledge gained could be applied;
      • Possible impact on legislation and the issuing of permits for animal experimentation in Switzerland.
    • 1.8 Names of external experts to whom your application should not be submitted for review.
  2. Add a detailed description of the project as Enclosures (in the same file or separately):

    • 2.1 Hypothesis and specific aims (half a page).
    • 2.2 Timeline (half a page).
    • 2.3 Research Strategy: 1. Significance, 2. Innovation, 3. General background, 4. Own research in the Field, 5. Experimental Design and Methodological Approach (max. 6 pages for the detailed description of project).
    • 2.4 Justification of project budget (max. 1 page).
      1. 2.41 Staff requirements (qualified academics, post-doctoral, post-graduate and technical staff).
      2. 2.42 Personnel costs according to current rates for the relevant university or research institution, normally in line with the rates applied by the Swiss National Science Foundation (details of salaries and salary levels including any allowances and employer’s social security contributions plus level of academic qualifications).
      3. 2.43 Equipment available (infrastructure, apparatus and consumables which could be used for the project).
      4. 2.44 Expenditure on consumables;
      5. 2.45 Expenditure on durable purchases: The cost of equipment and instruments that are available on the market; (contributions towards expenditure on long-term equipment will be approved only in exceptional cases for which good reasons can be given; see Article 4a of the Guidelines).
      6. 2.46 Other sources of funding

        Is the project being funded also by other bodies? If so, which sources and how much is being provided?

        Has an application for funding for the same project been submitted to another institution? If so, to which institution and for which parts of the project?

      7. 2.47 In the case of projects planned to run over several years, an overall budget should be drawn up, with an indication of annual costs.
    • 2.5 References regarding the proposed project (max. 1 page).
    • 2.6 Curriculum vitae with selected scientific publications during the last 5 years (max. 2 pages).
    • 2.7 Max. 3 publications that would facilitate an understanding of the application.
  3. Submit the application on numbered pages, each bearing a topline

    The enclosures (excluding publications) should not exceed 11 pages for the detailed description of project (Arial 10 pt, line spacing 11 pt.).

    3.1 Send your application by e-mail to: research.3r@bluewin.ch

    • the application form as a *.doc file,
    • other documents as *.doc or pdf files,

    3.2 Send one copy of the application on paper by post to:

    3R Research Foundation, Südstrasse 1, P.O. 1372, CH-3110 Münsingen:


Applications from researchers working outside Switzerland will be considered only in exceptional cases. They must show that the applicants have links with an institution in Switzerland or with a researcher in Switzerland.

Further information may be obtained from our Scientific Advisor.

19 September 2013
p.p. The Evaluation Committee: Prof. Ernst B. Hunziker