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Instructions for Submitting an Application for Research Funding

B. Detailed description of project

If you are planning to submit an application for the funding of a research project, please read the Guidelines for Awarding Research Grants and follow the steps indicated below:

  1. An outline of your project should be submitted by 1 February at the latest.
  2. A detailed description of your project should be submitted only if you have been requested to do so by the Foundation.
  1. Fill in the form “Application for Research Funding” as a *.doc file:

    B. For the detailed description of project

  2. Add a detailed description of the project as Enclosures (in the same file or separately):

  3. Submit the application on numbered pages, each bearing a topline

    The enclosures (excluding publications) should not exceed 11 pages for the detailed description of project (Arial 10 pt, line spacing 11 pt.).

    3.1 Send your application by e-mail to: research.3r@bluewin.ch

    3.2 Send one copy of the application on paper by post to:

    3R Research Foundation, Südstrasse 1, P.O. 1372, CH-3110 Münsingen:


Applications from researchers working outside Switzerland will be considered only in exceptional cases. They must show that the applicants have links with an institution in Switzerland or with a researcher in Switzerland.

Further information may be obtained from our Scientific Advisor.

19 September 2013
p.p. The Evaluation Committee: Prof. Ernst B. Hunziker