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Brochure: Alternative Methods for Animal Experimentation

The 3R Research Foundation has published a new brochure entitled "Alternative Methods for Animal Experimentation" to promote its three basic principles (reduce, refine, replace) concerning animal experimentation among interested sectors of the public.

The target readership is 16-19 year-olds attending vocational college or high school, as well as interested members of the general public. The 32-page brochure provides easily comprehensible information about:

  • the 3R concept,
  • our efforts to reduce the number of animals used in scientific experiments,
  • the possibilities and limits of alternative methods,
  • justification for animal experimentation,
  • the aims and achievements of the 3R Research Foundation,
  • future prospects.

This brochure for the 3R Research Foundation is the result of close collaboration between the editor, Stefan Stöcklin, Basle, and the Evaluation Committee, in particular Dr. Isabelle Allmann-Iselin from the Institute for Toxicology of the Zurich Institute of Technology and Zurich University and Dr. Franz P. Gruber from the Foundation for Animal-Free Research in Zurich. We should like to offer them our sincerest thanks for their commitment to animal protection.

The brochure is available, in German, from the secretary's office.