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20 ans de Fondation Recherches 3R

Press Conference held on 29. 8. 2007 (September 2007)
20th Anniversary of the 3R Research Foundation
“Good science with less animal experimentation“
On 29 August 2007 the 3R Research Foundation held a press conference in Berne where the new 3R brochure was presented.

Hugo Wick, the President of the Foundation, Christine Egerszegi, President of the National Council and Vice-President of the Foundation, Thomas Hartung, Director of ECVAM, Hans Wyss, Director of the Federal Veterinary Office and Thomas Cueni, Secretary General of Interpharma, each illustrated from his or her own viewpoint the past 20 years of pioneering research and dialogue in connection with animal protection and science.
press documentation (PDF in German) | press release (PDF in German)

New 3R brochure (August 2007)
Good science with less animal experimentation
In the form of a generally understandable and up-to-date publication, the brochure presents the 3R principles (replace, reduce, refine), whose implementation has been promoted by the 3R Research Foundation during the past 20 years.
On 36 pages the brochure deals with the problems and limits of replacing animal experiments by alternative methods; it also describes past achievements as well as future possibilities and expectations.
The brochure can be obtained free of charge from the Foundation Secretariat in German, French and English. Enquiries to: secretary.3r@bluewin.ch.
Brochure (PDF)

Scientific Jubilee Meeting: 3Rs = Better Science (September 2007)
To mark this 20th anniversary, the 3R Research Foundation and the Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (SGV) organised a scientific meeting, in collaboration with the Association for Training in Laboratory Animal Welfare and the Animal Keepers’and Technical Staff Interest Group, at the Zurich-Irchel University on 3 and 4 September 2007.
The 2-day meeting was attended by over 400 people; 39 speakers presented papers and led workshops.

The 3R sessions that were organised by the 3R Research Foundation were attended by over 260 people. The 14 invited speakers, who presented various interdisciplinary topics, captivated their audience.
Photos from the meeting

Summaries of the papers given (September 2007)
All participants at the scientific meeting to mark the 20th Anniversary of the 3R Research Foundation and the 20th Anniversary of the Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (SGV) were given summaries of the papers presented.
The first day of the meeting was devoted to the topic of “Humane Endpoints“. Opinions and experience were exchanged in two parallel sessions and 4 workshops. On the second day, the 3Rs were debated from every point of view.

The summaries of the papers given have been collated in a 70-page brochure. The various papers given in the 3R sessions start on page 29.
summaries (PDF)

Special issue of ALTEX (August 2007)
In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 3R Research Foundation, a number of reports on successfully completed as well as ongoing projects are summarized in a special issue of ALTEX.
Editors: Peter Maier and Franz P. Gruber
The 20 selected projects, which have been carried out in the course of the Foundation’s 20 years of activities, testify to the sustainability of support received. The abstracts of the ongoing 17 projects point to the results expected in the future.
The special issue can be obtained free of charge from the Foundation Secretariat. Enquiries to: secretary.3r@bluewin.ch.
Special issue of ALTEX (PDF)