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3R-Project 15-88

Validation of three in vitro toxicity / teratogenicity test systems using identical coded compounds (together with Swiss NSFP 17)

Kucera P.
Institut de Physiologie, Université de Lausanne, Lausanne

Duration: 2 years End of the Project: 1991

Background and Aim
The aim of the present project is to reinforce the validation of 3 in vitro toxicity / teratogenicity test systems which were recently developed within the Program 17 of the Swiss National Science Foundatin (SNSF). These systems are: aggregating cell cultures, whole chick embryo in artificial egg and whole rat embryo in vitro.
The validation will be based on the analysis and comparison of results obtained by testing a series of compounds presenting similarities in chemical structure but having variable degree of toxicity / teratogenicity. The compounds represent various classes of chemicals and will be provided in a coded manner by independent experts.

Method and Results
Drei in vitro-Methoden an Hirnzellkulturen und an Hühner- bzw. Ratten-Embryokulturen, die im Rahmen des Nationalen Forschungsprogrammes 17 (Projekt 4017-11078) an zwei Instituten (Institut de Physiologie, Lausanne und Zyma S.A., Nyon) zur Prüfung der Toxizität und Teratogenität von Wirkstoffen entwickelt wurden, sind mit gleichen Prüfsubstanzen in einer breit angelegten Studie in Bezug auf Ihre Eignung zum screeningmässigen Einsatz miteinander verglichen und validiert worden.

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