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No call for grant applications in 2017 (January 2017)
The Administrative Board regrets, that it is not possible to award new grants in 2017. The two sponsors of the 3R Research Foundation, namely the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office and Interpharma, will discontinue the support of the Foundation with a view to establishing a new 3R Competence Center.

Publication of Annual Report for 2015 (June 2016)
On 25 April 2016 the Administrative Board approved the Foundation’s Annual Report for 2015, which describes its activities during last year, as well as the financial statements for 2015. A total amount of Fr. 321,990.05 was paid out for research projects. The final reports on four projects were received and for the last time four new projects were approved. The Foundation will not be able to allot any new research grants because it is unlikely to receive funds to continue the activity of the Foundation alongside the planned 3R Competence Centre.
Annual Report for 2015 | PDF version

Non-invasive electrical monitoring of the population spiking activity in the central nervous system (February 2016)
3R-Info-Bulletin 56
New EEG analysis models are being developed in order to precisely and topographically locate pathological processes as well as to improve our understanding of the importance and the function of electrical brain activities. Experiments are being carried out to measure the electrical activity in the brain both through the skin and through the cranium with a high resolution using laboratory animals. Such experiments fall into category 3 with regard to suffering among the animals used. Dr. Gonzales Andino is proposing a new EEG analysis model that would enable such measurement to be made on the surface of the head. The principle of the new EEG model has been successfully tested and the results have been published.
3R-Info Bulletin 56 | Project 119-10
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